Die Casting Industry

Die castings are a key technology for vehicle lightweighting. AI has connections with die casting industry experts throughout the world and can provide the following comprehensive services:

  • Select and use the best modeling protocol to design and produce unique shapes to satisfy the customer’s high quality/lowest production cost requirements.
  • Connect our clients with companies who produce shot-end controls using modern filling algorithms with the required feedback to ensure high density castings.
  • Assess mechanical testing and non-destructive evaluation practices, including equipment, workforce capability and procedures.
  • Arrange training programs where necessary.
  • Provide information on new procedures being developed world-wide to satisfy the changing requirements of OEM and Tier suppliers for higher quality and lighter weight components.
  • Help clients maximize their machines’ productivity by optimizing opportunities for die casting production that relates to market opportunities.
  • Supply expertise in magnesium casting and automotive applications of magnesium castings. We can manage a strategic entry into the Mg die casting product marketplace.