Engineering and Product Development

AI experts, with skills and experience gained over many programs, offer engineering and systems integration for new vehicles and powertrains.


  • NEV Sport Utility Vehicle Demonstration Prototype Build

    Engineer and Develop a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle) for demonstration in China.

  • EV Battery Integration and Controls Integration

    Assist a China OEM to integrate a battery and control system in a NEV vehicle.

  • Automatic Transmission Development

    Establish the preferred design architecture and develop a new transmission for manufacture in China.

  • New GTDI Engine Engineering and Manufacturing

    Develop a Gas Turbo Direct Injection (GTDI) engine family to power a new range of SUVs for a China OEM.

  • Fuel Cell Development

    Develop a plan to build a fuel cell prototype vehicle and demonstrate feasibility.


  • New Pick-up Design

    Styling development for the exterior and interior of a new generation pick-up.

  • Vehicle Development NVH Project

    Assist a China OEM to improve and refine the NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) of a diesel-powered van through data driven analyses and engineering modification.

  • Engineer a Competitive 4X4 Conversion Kit for a Commercial Van
  • Tier 1 Brake System- Developing a Full-Service Capability

    Prepare glide path with step by step action plans for product engineering, design, testing and manufacturing of a complete brake systems.