Product Lightweighting

Light weight castings are an inherent element of vehicle lightweighting strategies. Aluminum alloys are commonly employed. Each country and company has different standards and specifications. AI assists our clients in many ways.

  • Documenting and meeting the virgin metal and recycling standards and requirements.
  • Die castings often have porosity and inclusion flaws that cause concerns for automotive customers. Product engineers may overdesign cast parts to increase their factor of safety. One way to reduce casting weight is by removing metal, such as by reducing wall thickness. But this causes engineering concern since factors of safety are reduced.
  • We can provide the design and casting optimization strategy using modern CAD/CAM, which changes as casting sections are reduced.
  • Help ensure product capability using suitable non-destructive evaluation (x-ray, tomography, metallography) along with leak testing and mechanical property testing of critical locations.
  • A key part of the casting process is to produce tooling for the thinner-walled castings. But parts have to be prototypes so that OEMs’ and Tier customers have confidence in the capabilities of the new design-- AI can help design, machine and prototype lightweight parts.
  • Lightweighting can be achieved using magnesium. AI experts can help reduce component weight using a magnesium casting strategy. This includes part selection, alloy selection, die casting processing, safe machining and handling, and surface coating/corrosion protection. As well, we have expertise in specific joining and assembly methods.